History Of The American DJ

A History of the American Disc Jockey


In the late 1970s Art Vuolo picked up a 30 pound Sony Betamax portable VCR and camera and marched into radio stations all across the country. Four decades later, Art Vuolo’s video library “A History of the American Disc Jockey” is set to become a permanent fixture at The National Radio Hall of Fame, located within the Museum of Broadcast Communications in Chicago.

Rock and Roll, Talk, Country, Urban, Contemporary, Top 40 and nearly every radio format and type of DJ was recorded and memories captured. Big cities, small towns, it didn’t matter to Art. It only mattered that this art form was secured for posterity through hundreds of hours of video recordings.


 “Radio’s Best Friend,” Art Vuolo’s recordings of on-air banter and a behind-the-scenes look at over 700 Disc Jockeys from coast to coast, including many of radio's most creative personalities is highlighted in this 40 year collection of memories.


Art loved listening to the DJ’s telling him stories about their city, its people and the world.

Art knew what these men and women meant to those who listened and he captured that in his video archives of their work. Many DJ’s featured are no longer on the air or have passed away, making these tapes even more precious than imagined.


This radio treasure trove of over 1,000 videos will be available for viewing at the Museum for aspiring radio talent, management and students along with fans, friends, family and the curious; all of whom will get a rare look into people behind the mic. Videos of the personalities will also be available for purchase.


Please join us in creating this one-of-a-kind exhibit that can be enjoyed by everyone who visits the National Radio Hall of Fame.


Contributions are now being accepted in order to purchase the video library, curate “A History of the American DJ” create the exhibit and maintain its content.





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